(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Low Poly ) #264

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge.
Day #28: Vanity

(Juansu4rez) #265

Day 28, Vanity

(Daniel O'Neil) #266

Very elegant!

(Daniel O'Neil) #267

Sound the alarm!

(sirkitree) #268

Day 28: Vanity

(Hanoldaa) #269

Another dump, it wasn’t let me post yesterday so here’s the last 4!

(Daniel O'Neil) #270

Super-cute sink!

(Juansu4rez) #271

Day 29, Toilet

(Daniel O'Neil) #272

“I realized, the moment I fell into the fissure, that the Book would not be destroyed as I had planned.”

(Low Poly ) #273

Ok, now stop with brown and grey…! XD
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge
Day #29: Toilet

(3d Gameart) #274

Number 12 is here…:wink:

(3d Gameart) #275

Followed by number 13

(Kielkaiser) #276

28° & 29° models, Vanity??, not sure what its mean, but seeing the uploads i figure, and the toilet

the glass should reflex but cant fix it on the manager

kindda awful, but well. at least nothing is flotting inside

(sirkitree) #277

Day 29: Toilet

(Daniel O'Neil) #278

Bookshelf with objets d’art. I actually managed to keep the entire scene under 300 triangles. :muscle:

(Low Poly ) #279

And on the thirtieth day he rested … inside a tub / shower … It was an experience and an incredible joy to participate in this “challenge”. I met many people who criticized me, helped, pushed to improve … A special thanks to @hanoldaa that gave us the opportunity to play and that has endured me with my many questions. (they will not end today: D)
Thank you all.
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge. Day #30: Shower

(Daniel O'Neil) #281

Bravo for making it through the challenge, @_LowPoly!

(Kielkaiser) #282

30° model, the shower, i tried to make my best on the last but well, guess need another challenge like this

learned a few things, but still i need much more to learn, was a funny and usefull challenge

(Daniel O'Neil) #283

So, what have people learned from the challenge? Was anyone new to low-poly modeling? I was! Up until now, my primary concern with modeling was to try and reproduce as accurately as possible a real-life object. This challenge put me in a completely different mindset: how could I represent the essence of an object within the 300-triangle limit? So it taught me to look at an object and immediately think about how to stylize and limit it to the most essential features, like designing an icon or writing haiku. And now I feel I have a sort of bag of tricks for how to do that: for example, a circle is represented by a hexagon or octagon, a pipe or stem gets a diamond profile, a shape with almost no thickness (like a leaf, blade, or sheet of paper) becomes a plane, and hidden surfaces are deleted.

Other things I learned:

  • Better control of lighting
  • Smarter use of textures (although I still have a lot to learn in this department)

I still need to learn how to whip through these models quickly. I spend a lot of time thinking about what I would be interested in modeling and searching for reference images, then thinking about how I want to texture them, whereas I think @hanoldaa’s intention was for us to whip these out in 20 minutes. And that’s why I’ve only managed to complete 12 models in 30 days whereas others got through all 30.

I’d love to hear from others what YOU felt you got out of this challenge. Happy Monday!

(Daniel O'Neil) #284

I love this bookshelf design–so stylish!