(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Daniel O'Neil) #285

At my mother’s request, I created an animated version of my alarm clock.

(sirkitree) #286

I did it!

Thanks for putting this together @hanoldaa! It was some great practice. I definitely think I’ll be doing more challenges like this in the future. Now to work on getting these all together in a scene!

Day 30: Tub

(Juansu4rez) #287

Final entry, shower

It was fun, I have a full time job as developer and some days was a bit hard because the lack of time, but this challenge was a good exercise.

(Low Poly ) #288

wow!!! How did you manage animation on Sketchfab? :slight_smile:

(3d Gameart) #289

Really nice!
How did you do the tranperency?

(3d Gameart) #290

Was thinking about this design as well :wink:

(Low Poly ) #292

I wanted to make a small summary at the end of the challenge, with a fresh mind, to cover everything I did. I’m having a lot of fun: D
WarmUp #1: Scene of first twelve assets!
I also added two animations! That I had never done before … :rofl:

(Hanoldaa) #293

Final Model (for the challenge at least)! Can’t believe I made it. Definitely started to feel the burn at the end.

(Zachary Hixson) #294

Great work, everyone! This challenge was awesome!

(Hanoldaa) #295

@doneil Man I learned a lot hah. You’re definitely right, I did have it in mind to do these in about 20-60 minutes. In hindsight that was pretty damn ambitious. At the start these were taking about 2 hours. I think in the middle I was able to bang em out in 30 minutes, but that was being lazy with unwrapping. Once I started focusing on unwraps it was about an hour per model.

I was pretty much brand spanking new to modeling with only a few models done prior to this. I’m lucky in that I have a lot of friends and coworkers that are professional artists who I could seek guidance from. Things I learned:

  • How to capture shapes in low poly. I tended to favor hexagon and pentagon for circular things. Squares and triangles for supports, rods or beams. Planes for flat and thin objects or simple barriers that don’t need dimensions.
  • Gradient shading in @minionsart’s style. Though I still have a ton to learn.
  • Simple animations
  • How to consider UV’s from the start and while modeling rather than creating something that’s a pain to unwrap then fixing it once it’s done.
  • Too many Blender processes, shortcuts, hotkeys, pipelines and more to list.
  • Carving out the time in an evening to do something worthwhile. Usually cutting out gaming or aimless internet browsing.

Probably more but I can’t really think of any more. I’m probably going to do another challenge in June. Something a lot less intense. I’m thinking 4 model (one a week), which could give time to design and plan and put more effort into it. I’d personally like to do something with hand painted textures, and I really want to do fantasy weapons, so maybe 4 hand-painted weapons for June or something. Who knows, we’ll see as June approaches. I need May to recover though.

Thanks to everyone who’s been contributing! It was definitely a good source of motivation every time a new model was posted. I hope you guys enjoyed it, or at least learned something new.

(Daniel O'Neil) #296

Animation is not difficult at all! You just create the animation in your tool of choice, export in a supported animation format (e.g., FBX), and upload the file to Sketchfab. However, you’re limited in the types of animations Sketchfab supports. For example, you can move, scale, and rotate objects but you can’t animate textures. More information here: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203058018-Animations

Have fun!

(Daniel O'Neil) #297

Just lovely! :heart_eyes: I adore your stylized objects, like the “hourglass”-shaped bookcase and the lamp. Charming use of color as well. And I see you figured out how to do an animation!

(Daniel O'Neil) #298

Yes, I like those ladder-style bookshelves. I may get one eventually.

(Daniel O'Neil) #299

LOVE your bathtub!

(Juansu4rez) #300

Thanks :slight_smile: , well I use blender, I created a new material, and apply transparency on it, setting the Alpha value in 0.7.

(Kielkaiser) #301

thanks to you for make this challenge, i neve imagine myself doing so many models, and doing one each day, or two when i lost a day, i learn a few things of Blender, i need much more to learn, with this challenge i see and learn many things seeing how all you guys do the same model but in so diferent ways, and i need to see the simple way of make something and not try to makeit perfect, it wass a challenging challenge, tks

(Daniel O'Neil) #302

Here’s a comfy couch:

(3d Gameart) #303

Thanks, will try it :wink:

(Low Poly ) #304

The livingroom! I had to add a window and a table … @hanoldaa was right. A scene too claustrophobic.

(Daniel O'Neil) #305

Next up: an armchair