(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Colinb) #306

May leave these as my last contributions to this great challenge. Bit disappointed that my schedule was so busy over the last couple weeks. That really reduced my opportunities for working on the challenge.

Annnnyhow, I loved this challenge. This was exactly what I needed. I feel like I ‘leveled up’ in several aspects re: blender. However the number one thing would have to be a new level of confidence and competence in simply manipulating the software. I was never much of a modeler but I feel certain that I can do nearly anything now given enough practice, persistence, and patience! :wink: Very excited to move on to a few longer-term projects but sad to see this one go!

Thanks to all for the comments and camaraderie! And especially thanks to @hanoldaa for organizing the challenge! Looking forward to another!

(Daniel O'Neil) #307

Thanks for setting this up, @hanoldaa! I’d love to learn more about gradient shading. I will have to wrap my head around UV mapping. I feel like I have so much to learn about textures.

Four models in a month sounds so much more reasonable! I still have 16 models to make to complete the challenge–ugh. I’m looking forward to the potted plant, fruit bowl, and candles, however. :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #308

Model your object
make sure it’s in edible poly mode © so it looks like a triangle with 3 dots
change your layout to “bp-uv edit” ,
press this button uvpoly
select all the faces with your selection tool
do a flat projection (right corner)
scale it and move it where you want :slight_smile:
(to display the texture go to file-open texture in the uv window)

i also did upload the c4d file and the texture if you want to have a better look :slight_smile:

full uv mapping might be a bit more complicated but gradients are quite simple to do, i advise to try to add more and more features to learn while still having fun

(Daniel O'Neil) #309

Thanks for taking the time to explain this! :heart:

(Daniel O'Neil) #310

Today we offer you a charming drop-leaf table, perfect for small living spaces. Watch it unfold!

This model was an interesting exercise because I made it entirely from rectangular prisms.

(And now I’m finally finished with half this challenge!)

(Dark Minaz) #311

No problem i know how hard it is to find the right tutorials, cinema (and maya) is one of the few where videos to topics just drag on forever on youtube, so finding a good one for uv’s that doesn’t talk about his life first is often impossible.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me in the forum. I mainly use maya but i do have a basic understanding of cinema as i did work with it on a few projects.

(Daniel O'Neil) #312

The dresser is a beaut! :heart_eyes:

(Daniel O'Neil) #313

We’ve now added a dresser to our line of furniture, yours for only 290 triangles. :grin:

(Daniel O'Neil) #314

A spinning globe!

(sirkitree) #315

I decided to bring all of these models into NeosVR while I was at it.

(Daniel O'Neil) #316

I love it! You’ve created a virtual furniture showroom!

(Daniel O'Neil) #317

Now in our low-poly showroom, a 1930s Italian Art Deco bed.

(Daniel O'Neil) #318

Animated ceiling fan

(Daniel O'Neil) #319

It’s time for the gym! :muscle:

(Daniel O'Neil) #320


(Laurer1990) #321

Hey how guys :blush:
Can somebody do a quick explenation about this topic please? There are so many posts :smiley:
And i just want to be uptodate what this thread is all about


(Daniel O'Neil) #322

The Household Props Challenge was an unofficial modeling challenge for the month of April. To participate, you needed to make a low-poly model of a common household object every day. Here are the details: https://blog.sketchfab.com/improve-your-low-poly-modeling-skills-with-the-30-day-household-props-challenge/

I am still working through all the models. I’ve completed 21/30 so far. :grinning:

(Daniel O'Neil) #323

The official unofficial Household Props Challenge may be over, but it’s not dead yet! Here’s my (animated) stove, complete with fresh-baked bread. :yum::baguette_bread:

(Daniel O'Neil) #324

Feeling hungry? Help yourself to the refrigerator.

(Daniel O'Neil) #325

I think I just succeeded in uploading the single most boring model on Sketchfab. I had to liven it up with a little art and animation. At least I’m now 80% complete with the challenge!