(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Daniel O'Neil) #326

Finally, the fruit bowl. I have been eager to model this since I first heard about the challenge. I love fruit, and it has such pretty colors and shapes! And I think I’m the only challenge participant who modeled a starfruit. :grin:

(Daniel O'Neil) #327

I love flowers, too! :heart_eyes::blossom: Here’s my Day 26 challenge.

(Hanoldaa) #328

Hah, keepin it going! Great work

(Daniel O'Neil) #329

Thanks, Andrew! I’m glad I’m finally near the finish line–only four models left. You definitely succeeded in your goal to “create a continuous learning process while still having some direction and guidelines.”

(Daniel O'Neil) #330

Candles! (And 90% of the challenge completed!)

(Daniel O'Neil) #331

Day 28: Vanity

(Daniel O'Neil) #332

I realized that the “vanity” listed for Household Props Challenge 28 was likely meant to be a bathroom vanity rather than a dressing room vanity, so I modeled a sink to accompany the toilet I made for challenge 29. (It’s still not a bathroom vanity, but at least it provides a bathroom sink for the household props kit.) The sink and toilet are in separate scenes since each model is close to the 300-triangle challenge limit.

(Daniel O'Neil) #333

The toilet. One model left!

(Daniel O'Neil) #334


(Daniel O'Neil) #335

What were your favorite objects to model over the course of the challenge? I loved the fish bowl, table, chair, lamp, alarm clock, globe, bowl of fruit, stove, and potted plant.

(Bart) #336

Hello everyone! We thought you might be interested in another daily challenge that we have coming up: