(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Colinb) #63

Welp, I went off the deep end for this one. Got inspired and just couldn’t stop. 298 tris and about a dozen or more 256x256 textures. I realize this probably breaks the criteria but hey, I had fun with it. Bit disappointed in how Sketchfab ended up processing it. Had to do a lot of work in 3d settings to get it to look remotely correct. Below the model is a render with some Glare and a bit more clean on the lighting. :slight_smile:

(3d Gameart) #64

So less time the last days, but I will catch up, soon!
Second entry, a table!

(Colinb) #65

Welp, I dunno how this fits into the challenge but, a cat can sometimes be a prop right? :wink:

As I say in my description, this is the first time I have modeled something like this, and it was tough to keep it under 300 tris. Came out at 298! Legs are a bit wide set but I was seeing it as midway through a crouch-back to jump. Any and all feedback/criticism would be great!

(Low Poly ) #66

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge
Day 5: #Computer

(sirkitree) #67

Day 5, Computer - went with something inspired by Alienware.
Spent a little too much time on the rendering options :smiley:

(Juansu4rez) #68

Day 5, the computer.

(Zachary Hixson) #69

20 - Exercise Equipment

Number five was taking too long, so I put it on the back burner and skipped to a random one in the distant future.

(Albinochicken) #70

First post … going a bit out of order and playing catch-up, but here’s my Day 2 “table” for the challenge

(Albinochicken) #71

And here’s the Day 3 Chair model … hopefully I’ll have time to go back and texture these but for now it is what it is. Can you say “baby theme”???

(Albinochicken) #72

Wasn’t going to publish this one until textured… but for now, here’s the “Fish Bowl” :slight_smile:

(sirkitree) #73

Day 6, Keyboard and Mouse

It was quite a challenge to keep this one under 300k, learned a few new techniques in Blocks for doing this.

(Low Poly ) #74

A special keyboard on this special day! I managed to find 2 minutes after work to make this magnificent keyboard Easter egg XD Also I realized that in a hurry I made confusion between vertices and triangles … I hope I can remedy and modify two models that have failed! : |

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge . Day #6: KeyBoard & Mouse

(Juansu4rez) #75

Keyboard & Mouse…

(Kielkaiser) #76

6° model, not sure about this too, i just feel i cant keep up, even with a soo simple models

(Zachary Hixson) #77

11 - Books

Completed one out of order again. Gonna make up for it tomorrow when I have lots and lots of time.

(Hanoldaa) #78

Super simple mouse and keyboard for since I was lacking time.

(Zachary Hixson) #79

Man, wonder what letters are on that thing.

(Juansu4rez) #80


(Kielkaiser) #81

7° model, a lamp

(Low Poly ) #82

I think I have never struggled so much to upload a file on sketchfab so, but I think I succeeded … maybe … I’m destroyed.
A “beautiful” medieval lamp, I missed the Middle Ages …
Day #7: Lamp