(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(sirkitree) #123

Day 11: Books (yeah I got carried away with rendering options on Sketchfab)

(Zachary Hixson) #124

Sketchfab’s post processing is fun!

(Zachary Hixson) #125

12 - Bookshelf

Looking up spooky bookcase references on pinterest just brought up a bunch of coffins. Kinda lame.
Also, I think I might be all caught up! Yeah!

(Low Poly ) #126

I don’t Know how to thank you. A special Gift…:slight_smile:

(Juansu4rez) #127

Day 12, Bookshelf.

(Low Poly ) #128

Today I felt inspired and I used solidify … XD To make a little bit of everything a bit medieval !.And even today we have done it! Special thanks to @hanoldaa for the palette. ~ This is dedicated to you XD ~
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge .
Day #12: Bookshelf

(sirkitree) #129

Day 12: Bookshelf (picture this going over a doorway)

(Daniel O'Neil) #130

Well, I’m obviously not keeping up with the official schedule, but I am making progress and learning things along the way! Here’s my day 3 model:

(Zachary Hixson) #131

10 - Alarm Clock

Have to fight this thing in a couple of hours.

(Daniel O'Neil) #132

Alarm clock dentata! :scream:

(Hanoldaa) #133

@zhixson I don’t even want to imagine how to snooze that, IF you can snooze it.

Day 11 and 12 submissions since I wrapped up planning stuff for a D&D game. The books is pretty generic and plain, but I wanted something I could recolor and resize with lots of variation.

(sirkitree) #134

Day 13: Couch

(Kielkaiser) #135

12° late and 13° models, both in less of 3 hrs to catch up

(Low Poly ) #136

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge . Day #13: Couch !!!

(Zachary Hixson) #137

13 - Couch

Looks squeaky.

(Juansu4rez) #138


(Juansu4rez) #139

day 14, Armchair, 298 triangles.

(Hanoldaa) #140

My couch submission which I had a pretty hard time getting the shapes I wanted.

Updated scene with all of the props for an office.

(Zachary Hixson) #141

Damn @hanoldaa, that is really coming together!!!

(Low Poly ) #142

The stay is this … it’s the weekend, and we keep remarrying!
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge .
Day #14: #armchair
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