(Unofficial) Household Props Challenge


(Low Poly ) #163

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge . Day #16: Dresser

(Hanoldaa) #164

More practice with manual unwraps for AO.

(Colinb) #165

Learning more about assigning multiple textures to meshes. A fairly simple one this time but it came out pretty quickly.

(Colinb) #166

Hey all! Had some fun with this one, not focusing too much on materials and modeling. Wanted to focus more on animation controls to expand my knowledge there. Still under 300 tris! No external textures on this one. Just cycles nodes and in sketchfab some tweaks.

Here’s an animation render with some nicer lighting and motion blur: (altough Instagram compressed the render into JPEG-like oblivion.)

(Hanoldaa) #167

Nice, the instagram animation is really nice.

(Zachary Hixson) #168


(Colinb) #169

Alright, another one on the ‘catch-up’ effort. Pretty simple and quick. Most of the time was spent fiddling with the clock face texture.

(sirkitree) #170

Day 17: Globe

(Low Poly ) #171

My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge . Day #17: Globe
One of my favorites, I really liked it!

(Juansu4rez) #172


(Zachary Hixson) #173

17 - Globe

Yup, it’s a globe.

(Daniel O'Neil) #174

Here’s my day 5 computer–a blast from the past! While the model is only 70 triangles (whoot!), the textures are far larger than 256 x 256, but, honestly, they make the model. This was an exciting texture project for me, because I actually photographed the source object from several different angles on my phone and then used those pictures as my textures (after fiddling with them a bit in Photoshop so they would map cleanly to the polygons).

(Zachary Hixson) #175

Oh my gosh! I had one of those!
…the nostalgia…

(Juansu4rez) #176

Day 18, bed

(Kielkaiser) #177

17° & 18° models, the Globe and the Bed, again late and in a hurry, modeling sure is a hard work

now i realy need to learn how to model

(Bevansltu) #178

Day 15! Mug with supplies!
116 tris
256 x 256 diffuse

Day 16! Poster!
2 tris
256 x 256 diffuse

Day 17! Scissors!
86 tris
256 x 256 diffuse

Day 18! Stapler!
40 tris
256 x 256 diffuse

Update scene!
Sorry for the model blitz, I’ve been without internet for the last few days so I need to play catch-up.
Decided to finish up the clutter on the desk before furnishing the rest of the room, mostly because I want to plan it out correctly.

(Low Poly ) #179

Finally, i sleep!
My daily entry for the #HouseholdPropsChallenge .
Day #18: Bed

(Zachary Hixson) #180

19 - Ceiling Fan

I had the bed mostly done, but I left it at work. :sweat:
Went ahead and knocked out a ceiling fan instead of starting the bed over.

Also, I can’t seem to get the animation to default to on!

(Hanoldaa) #182

Skipping the globe while I figure out what I want to replace it with (I was thinking a window instead for the scene). I was surprised how fast the tris caught up to me on this one.

(sirkitree) #183

Day 18: Bed