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Unwanted materials clones

(Troglobytes) #1


I have a rigged character with separated armour pieces using one single material.
After the upload, in the 3D editor every armour piece has its own material clone.

What I am doing wrong?

(Dark Minaz) #2

What did you create the model with? and can you check the exported obj/fbx if that really only features one material?

(Troglobytes) #3

Hi dark_minaz,

yes, if I check in Unity the model uses just one material.

(Dark Minaz) #4

Might it be possible to get a copy of the model you tried to upload to figure out what exactly cloud have gone wrong there?

or a link to the model so james could figure it out.

(Troglobytes) #5

Hi Dark,

here is the link

(Dark Minaz) #6

That one only shows 1 texture set to me in the viewer

@james can you check the 3d editor if that is the same there ?

(Troglobytes) #7

Hi Dark,

this is what I see in the editor

A download link to the FBX

(Dark Minaz) #8

Hmm very odd, according to Maya there are 2 Materials, one for the Body, one For the Armor. But Sketchfab still features 10.

So i guess this is one for the Devs to figure out.
Sorry wish i could help more but i can’t find anything wrong with the model.

Tagging @james to help or to link it to someone that can help :slight_smile:


We merge identical materials in the viewer to help performance, so in this case 12 are merged into 1 because they are all the same.

I’m not sure why we’re generating a copy of the Archer_Armour material for each mesh.

@waleguene any idea?

(Waleguene) #10

Hi @troglobytes, and thanks @dark_minaz for checking with Maya.

The FBX is ok and also contains 2 materials like in Maya, and it should be processed with two materials until the end. The issue is a bit subtle and is due to the code that removes animation and bakes the rigged mesh into a regular one.

I’m opening a ticket to fix this. As workaround you should be able to avoid this issue by baking the skinning into your meshes or have at least one bone with a real animation.

(Troglobytes) #11

Hi @waleguene,

thanks for reply.

I would to keep the characters Mixamo compatible, so I could add keys in the tpose to fix che problem?

(Waleguene) #12

Yes, as far as the model has a valid animation track (with two distinct keyframes), animation is kept and materials will not be duplicated.

Can you give a try and keep me in touch ?