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Upaded Email Option

(Dark Minaz) #1


I would like to request an update / overhaul to the Email System. Very similar to the Activity Tab.

Right now you will get 1 email for every Like and every follower, so it would be nice if that could be combined into a Dayli / weekly (option) Mail to see what did happen in that Day without getting tons of Emails about it.
With the option to send comments directly or in the dayli/weekly pack

Currently it looks like this, while it is nice to see people like my work, it does get quite spammy.

(Hansolocambo) #2

I’d advise you to uncheck Notifications in Your Sketchfab Profile. This way you won’t receive any mail (or only the ones you need) and whenever you login to your sketchfab’s account, you’ll be able from the small bell icon on the top right to check what happened, who liked your work and so on.