Upcoming API sneak peek

(Mauricesvay) #1

Hi guys,

the dev team is working on some new cool APIs for the viewer that will certainly help you create cool stuff around the viewer. Here's what will be coming in a near future:

  • listing objects in a scene
  • showing/hiding objects
  • moving objects (translation/rotation)

With these APIs, you will be able to make models more interactive. Here's a sneak peek video at what can be done with the show/hide API for instance:

In this example, we can make a model configurable by showing and hiding the right meshes, with very little JavaScript code. I bet you can imagine more cool stuff based on that smile

What do you guys think?

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(Kokusho) #2

Wow that's super cool !
Can't wait to had hats on every single one of my models smiley

(R0m1 R) #3

so exciting ! I've waiting for this smiley thx a lot guys

(4visualization) #4

Great! Just what I was looking for thanks!

(Bart) #5

Definitely 'Hat 01'.

(Creativesip) #6

Super Cool! Can't wait to see these options live. The color selection buttons are customizable or changeable ? like uploading own png buttons ?

(Mauricesvay) #7

This experiment was made with the viewer API, which lets you customize and build interactions on top of the viewer, outside of Sketchfab. So basically, you can do what you want for the buttons smile

(Creativesip) #8

Cool, Can't wait to have it! You guys rock

(Black Stormy) #9

This is just what I have been waiting for! When can we get our hands on this stuff? Is the colour change handled by swapping out texture maps or is it only hue manipulation?

(Mauricesvay) #10

The API will be released soon for you to use. In the video, I'm swapping meshes with different textures, but we plan to add an API for manipulating the materials directly.

(Klaasnienhuis) #11

This is a very useful feature. I bet a lot of people are waiting for this, including me. This makes it possible to directly link layers or scene states in 3ds Max (or any other 3d authoring tool) and directly generate the javascript code when the model is uploaded.
This should make building a simple configurator a one-click process! The models are baked and uploaded and the javascript code together with the iframe is written directly and uploaded as well. I'd love to get my hands on the api.

(Bart) #12

I like that! I've started a similar experiment to export camera animation from Blender to javascript:

(Eliut) #13

Hello that looks very useful. I am trying to promote sketchfab to showcase products. I did a small study with some people with little computer skills to see if it was easy for them to use the viewer. All could rotate it, but when it came to see other aspects of the model, (say different views etc...) most had a difficult time, but once they found the "annotation" button they were able to see those views easily. I know that for computer savvy people (aka nerds, like me) this is really easy, but most potential clients are not. I think if we could show the annotations tab to the left permanently it could benefit greatly for this type of user.
Great job!

(Simon Kratz) #14

This loosk really nuice for product visualizations! open_mouth

(Racecar) #15

I have to agree! I have done the same tests and have come to the same conclusion. Annotations are awesome, but for people who doesn't know what to look for, they need the ability to have a menu available to click on.
@eliut, your screenshot example makes a lot of sense! If the Sketchfab guys go with this, I only hope that they also make it possible to open/close these menus as they can use up a lot of screen space sometimes.
About the navigation, I also find it a bit cumbersome, especially if a client want to close in on certain details.
I have linked to a video here, of how this could be improved:

(Racecar) #16

I was just about to write a feature request for these API improvements!!! Both the ability to change colours and geometry is totally awesome!!!

When do you think these improvements will be available for us mortals? wink

(Tim Vizesi) #17

These are some great improvements! Love it smile

(Racecar) #18

Any more news about this? I am very curious :wink:

(Bart) #19

About what specifically?

(Colegiodelasantacruz) #20

This API is ready to use? there is some example or tutorial? Thanks!