Upcoming removal of Sketchfab Labs experiments

On November 2, 2022, we will be removing several of our Sketchfab Labs experiments. These tools have become outdated and are not part of our long-term roadmap. Since we cannot maintain them to the standards that we desire and our community demands, we are removing them. These experiments will no longer be accessible or available for use at https://labs.sketchfab.com/experiments/. The experiments that we will be removing are:

  • 360° video
  • Annotations sync
  • Article scroll
  • Compare models
  • Configurator
  • Download API Demo
  • Flipbook (Sketchfab Offline)
  • Game
  • Map
  • Material Showcase
  • Measurements
  • Model Inspector
  • Sculptfab
  • Video exporter
  • Video textures
  • Watch configurator

The three experiments that will remain available on Sketchfab Labs Experiments are:

  • Configurator Studio
  • GIF Export
  • Screenshots

That is very sad news.


Im not really sure about the rest of it.
But the idea of using the viewer to showcase simple
Games is probably more important even, than
Using it to showcase models.
Of course file sizes, could be a serious issue.
I really need to find the time to study the api more

G’Day Abby
A question has come up that I thought I’d relay here: While it’s clear that the Lab experiments will be removed, will the APIs that the experiments relied on also reach an end of life? In short, where we have examples of experiments in production, will the APIs we use be removed and so the examples will stop functioning?

Hi @pollendigital - the Sketchfab viewer and data APIs are not being deprecated and continue to be ctively maintained. (Keep an eye on the Dev & API forum topic for updates).

If you can share more info about which experiments your projects are based on this will help us provide a beter answer.

Thanks, Flynn.
We’re most interested in Article Scroll and Annotations Sync, as we’re trying to push the boundary on accessibility support. And if there’s a Lab — even with a short lifespan — that’s focused on controlling the model using external buttons and the API, a link to that would be really helpful!

While not exactly the same, I have a bunch of codepens dealing with annotations. Feel free to use them:

And here’s a collection of all my Sketchfab tips: https://codepen.io/collection/DBGayV