Update annotation description dynamically

(Chunny Bryan) #1

Hi People

I am using sketchfab to display models of generic rooms in a property for repairs diagnostic purposes but would like the ability to change the content of a annotations description dynamically depending which customer is viewing the model.

Customer A logs into the app and is navigating the model because their boiler is not working in their Kitchen. When they click on their boiler it might be that we already know there is an issue with the make and model and so we could show this in the annotations description.

If Customer B does the same thing we might want to display some completely different content when they do the same thing.

I understand that i could surface this in the page hosting the model and that's fine just wondering if it is possible in the API?




Hi Christian,

Interesting use case. It's not possible to edit annotations dynamically through the API at the moment. However, you could use the Viewer API to create a more customized experience. Here's an example where annotation positions are synced to other content on the page: