Update model with Python

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Hi guys, I'm new into Sketchfab API. Documentation is pretty clear and easy to use.
But the problem that I have is with updating model with Python. I have never used Python(I am more into C#/Java/Android) so it's not clear to me how to use these Python scripts to update some model

How to use these scripts in order to update model?

Thanks in advance!


You can use any language you like, you just need to make the right authenticated requests.

There's a Java upload example here:

Editing it to make model updates should be fairly straightforward.

Same for C#, although this one is using the older V2, which you should avoid:

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Thanks, now I'll check how to do this with Jave/C#

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Unfortunately I still haven't resolved how to use this script(for example this Java one). When I create new project in NetBeans I receive error:
error: package javax.ws.rs does not exist

after hours of searching still haven't found solution(or maybe I'm doing something wrong). How to import/use this script in Java