Updated my previous "thank you 10K" animation

I added the custom spotlights to the scene , and sheen to the drone.

The illusion of camera moving has now also spread on to the cone lights which is amazing i think!
Since camera and lights are in reality fixed, i had to animate the entire rest of the scene in relation to the fixed cam, to create this illusion. :smiley:
Really, i cannot wait for some sort of a moving camera feature on Sketchfab! :smiley:

I imagine that to be a sticky camera that can be attatched to a dummy part of the geometry, much like the annotation system, which would be previously animated by the artist as a sub-object in the original scene, or something along those lines. :slight_smile:
Thanx for looking!



Love this!

Can you submit this feature request via this form?

That’s the best way to get it into the Skethcfab system :+1:

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I will, thank you very much for the link and the direction overall. :smiley: