Updated my Sketchfab Username and sketch name - but twitter sees the OLD name

(1008008) #1

Hi - I have renamed my sketchfab account, and renamed my sketch, but on twitter
the names remain as the old version.
If I delete and create a new tweet, the old names are still there.
Is it some kind of cache thing - or is there a sort of “shadow” naming system with an original name
and a new renamed name that does not transfer over to embeds?

(Tiagojdferreira) #2

Hi @1008008

Your username is the one you wrote when you first created the account. You can not change it directly, but you can ask us to change it via this form:

For more information, please check:

Hope this helps.

(1008008) #3

Thanks - I have made a request for this.


Sounds more related to Twitter caching the URL’s metadata. I think you can fix it with this tool:


(1008008) #5

Thanks - It looks like an interesting tool, but only for previewing, not for fixing - am I right?

My thumbnails are now working - but in this tool they are not!
So this is in some ways more confusing than before.
What I’m looking for is repeatability and relability when distributing content with Sketchfab.

If there is a way to use this tool for reliable previewing or even “fixing” please let me know
how to use it.

Sorry for all the questions.


Hmm…sending a link through the validator should force Twitter to refresh its cache