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Updating properties - load stuck

(Alex Nan) #1

Hello, I`m trying to review my models and push more for sale - tried with chrome/explorer same issue - get stuck when try to reprocess when I hit refresh on the main page I get stuck with the loading model screen; made some print screens about the issue


It looks like these both finished processing?

(Alex Nan) #3

I had to close the browser and restart the whole thing. Usually I keep a lot of windows opened, and when I want to modify I open in a new window so I don’t lose track by clicking “back”; don’t know why it got stuck like that, it never did before


Hmm ok. Does it continue to happen or it’s ok now?

(Alex Nan) #5

Don’t know, haven’t tried it. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow

(Alex Nan) #6

doesn’t get stuck anymore, but the “reprocessing” time is taking even 10 minutes on some models (file size between 15-40mb)


Hmm, it will depend on the model as well as the processing queue of other users. Reprocessing is essentially the same as re-uploading.

(Alex Nan) #8

then it must be the processing queue cause my internet speed is quite good.
I`m wondering, why does it need reprocessing ? I was thinking that maybe it will erase all the tweaks but it doesn’t so that’s good :smiley:


As part of the Store launch, we started displaying more details and stats about the model (triangles vs quads, etc.) that you see in Model Information.

We collect that information during processing, and processing has evolved over the years. Reprocessing ensures that we have all the right stats and all the Store models have gone through the same pipeline.