Uplaod Autodesk 123D catch models to sketchfab?


(Passegua) #1

Hi, I’d like to create and upload to sketchfab simply 3d images. I am learning Autodesk 123D catch but I don’t know how to upload to sketchfab, moreover I tried to create a rotating image using https://cappasity.com but I don’t know how to upload that rotating 3d image to Sketchfab. Please help!
p.s. I am interested only in 3d models created from multiple photos or on movie

(Daniel O'Neil) #2

Autodesk 123D Catch was discontinued back at the end of 2016. How are you able to make 3D models from it? Even if you still have the app, you wouldn’t be able to upload the pictures from it to the Autodesk server for conversion into a 3D model.

Some current alternatives to 123D Catch are TRNIO (iOS) and Scann3D (Android).

Review of TRNIO: https://3dscanexpert.com/trnio-iphone-photogrammetry-app-review/
Review of Scann3D: https://3dscanexpert.com/scann3d-android-photogrammetry-app-review/

Good luck!

(Passegua) #3

Many thanks, I’ve downloaded Scann3D and shall use it.