Upload a correct model from photoscan to sketcfab

(Geodatumone) #1

hi all

I asked to you what kind of file i have to upload from photodscan to sketchfab to have a good result.

I mean the model that i've uploaded is .stl, but i've not the texture of my model.

can you suggest to me same solution to my problem.

thankyou all

(Mrchlblng) #2

@geodatumone the STL format does not support for UV coordinates and Sketchfab currently does not compute UV coordinates for models not having UVs.

So your best shot to have a textured model out of Agisoft would be the OBJ format. If you upload manually, you'll have to pack the OBJ, MTL and texture file (likely a JPEG file) in a compressed archive (ZIP, RAR or 7z).