Upload a model that consist in different parts

(Riccardo12345) #1

I'm new on sketchfab and i already tried to upload models here and all worked perfectly.
But now i have a question:

I want to upload a model that consist in 3 parts each one with different uv maps and texture, how can i upload it and handle the model in sketchfab like 3 different objects each one with different textures and material parameters without let sketchfab merge the 3 parts of my model in 1 model?

P.s. i tryed to upload the model in different file format, fbx, obj, dae

Hope you understood my problem and have a solution XD


Hi there,

We totally support multiple parts, each with their own texture/UV maps. Just make sure they are separated into uniquely named materials.

That said, we had a bug that was incorrectly merging materials. This has been fixed - can you try again?

FBX and OBJ (+ MTL) with textures will be the most reliable.

(Riccardo12345) #3

I tryed again and i solved my problem.

The problem was that i uploaded the 3D model consisting in different parts without any material attached and the upload has caused the merge of all parts in only one.

Now i solved the problem creating a uniquely named base material for each part of the model and when i uploaded the file, i obtained a selection for each material created, then i applied the righ texture to each part of my model.

Thank you for the help


Perfect, glad you worked it out :smile: