Upload a posed character in FBX (not animated, only posed)


I am working with Maya, and I have made a character model, with a rigging, skining…
After that, I have posed my character (only posed, not animated), and now I want to upload it to Sketchfab with that pose and, also, I want to show his bones on Sketchfab (I am talking about the Model Inspector’s option).

The point is… If I export as a .obj, my model preserves his pose but the bones are missing, so I need to use .fbx, but if I try to export it with .fbx my model returns to the T-Pose :frowning:

So, I want to upload my character with only a Static Pose and to show his bones… Can I do this?

Thank you! (and sorry about my english).

I want to do this, but uploading a model with only a Static pose.

Sorry, not a Maya user here, but did you try exporting with baked animation?
Have a look at this and see if it helps.


Sorry, actually a simple export in .fbx was already working (without baked animation) but I was opening my model with the 3D viewer app of windows 10, and that app was showing my model in T-Pose, but when I uploaded it to Sketchfab…magic, my character is posed. I feel stupid, sorry.

But now, I have a new problem, some bones are showing too big (the bones of the hands), and I don’t know why, what can I do?

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:slight_smile: no problem.
Again, not sure about Maya, but in 3dsmax if you use scale tool to adjust the bones it will mess everything up. In Max we use only the options for scaling provided.
Since Maya is from the same company, I got a feeling its the same case

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I didn’t use the scale tool to adjust the bones :frowning:

The scale attributes are set to 1.

Ugh… and the problem is not only the size of the bones… they are too weird.

And there is even a deformed finger which is not on Maya.

… And the bones of the legs are only lines :disappointed_relieved:

All the rig seems fine on Maya. I don’t know what to do.

Hmmm… I have no clue now :slight_smile:
Can you share your FBX and I will have a look at home tonight

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The Bones displayed in sketchfab can be a bit different from your 3D software.
What happens is that when they are exported, the length of a bone is not exported, because that information is usually useless for a 3D engine… (it’s the case in the FBX format)
So what we do is to “evaluate” the length of a bone depending on its children or the vertices it’s actually influencing.
But sometimes we are plain wrong… as in your example.

What can help:

  • I dont know if you have the option in Maya but FBX exporters can have the option to export “leaf bones”. Blender has this option. This could help on the finger bones visualization and that will not affect the pose or animation. Though from what I see the computation may end completely wrong because the bone on the phalanxes of the hand are thicker than they are long.
  • Bones displayed as lines are the ones that don’t deform the mesh OR when a bone has several children we display only one of the children as a plain bone an others as lines. I can’t tell exactly what’s going on in your case, but maybe your rig is build with duplicated bones on the joints (like control bones that actually deform the mesh parented to bones from the hierarchy?). That would explain the disconnection of bone on the hand and the wires on the legs.
  • About the deformation of the finger, that is a different issue from visualisation, but you could make sure you don’t have non uniform scales on the tip bones of the fingers.

Sorry for the late reply.

I have been checking all you had said, Nehon, but I couldn’t fix the bones yet.

  1. Maya doesn’t have the option “leaf bones” :frowning:
  2. About the bones displayed as lines, hmmm… I think my model doesn’t have duplicate bones, and either it doesn’t have too many bones, but… I am not good with rigging, so I’m not sure.
    Here is the hierachy, look at the bones of the legs.
  3. Yes yes, you were right, @nehon and @warkarma. There were some bones scaled (I don’t know why) and I didn’t see them (Sorry @warkarma, you were right). So with that I fixed the deformation of the finger :slight_smile: thank you. Now, the problem is just the display of the bones in Sketchfab.

I am going to share with you my FBX, so, if you want, you can check where is the problem.

Thank you so much!

I will have a look tonight, but can’t promise anything.


The transform between the legTop and the knee and between the knee and the foot might cause the issue. The bones are not really connected.