Upload blender file and play all animations at once

Hi there,
Attached blender file after baking and link to current result in sketchfab.

contain 3 animated objects.
How do i make them all playing together in sketchfab ?
how do i combine all objects to one animated object ( if possible at all )

thank you .


Hi @barakooda , and thank you for the report.

We are currently working on animation support for blender 2.80 (and later versions), and the kind of model you are trying to upload is indeed a typical example of what is badly supported as of today.

Although the animation support should be available soon (we are still testing and trying to make it super robust), the few options you have in the meantime would be to either use Blender 2.79, or export your scene as a FBX file.

Would you like me to update you here when the animation support will be available?

Have a great day !

Thank you @norgeotloic
sure, will happy to to be your beta tester :slight_smile: .

Keep up the great work.

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I took a look at your file. I’m not sure about if sketchfab supports camera animation at all, but at least I can help you with the saber and the model.

If you want multiple objects animated at the same time it’s best to parent all objects to a single armature. I see you have your saber parented to an animated empty,and when you parent it to the bone, you’d have to remake the entire animation for the saber.

Luckily blender has constraint tools, and to avoid reanimating everything by hand,you can just create a bone where you have your empty, use bone constraints to copy the transform data of the empty, and parent the saber to the bone instead." copy transform" or “child of” should do the trick, then bake the entire animation and then delete the empty.

hope this helps if not feel free to ask

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Thanks a lot @TheLastAirblender,
Not working a lot with blender but your tip worth the try !
I can also back to the pre baking stage and do it there, hopefully it will work.