Upload bug, scaling bugs, viewport bugs.. all the bugs


(Deuschanz) #1

So i have this scene, right here that I have uploaded and which sketchfab has processed

As seen in the gif, the animation works fine, the scaling of the Spherical world and its characters, work

Furthermore, I have uploaded an older test version of this scene before, which works perfectly and scales correctly, but there was some issues with that VFX spear thing, so I decided to fix some stuff and subsequently re-upload it https://twitter.com/i/status/1110666763128102912

However, as seen here : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/exp-3-fd707ea23267487c85669e13e77b5413?share=2c96449d95ba3534ca61440db6bfd0e20e1f9188fd5f95192ee5f56762b8f6aa

The scaling of the entire scene is, essentially broken.

When I try to tilt anywhere below -0 degree on the X-axis, the model just refuses to render:

When tampering with the other settings like the camera FOV, in the 3D properties , the whole thing breaks, I suspect its because of a scaling problem

However, the scene then returns to the camera origin once the VR tab is pressed.
Uploading: 2019-03-28_07-06-48.gif…

I’ve re imported-the exported FBX file that sketchfab is running, and there seem to be no irregularities.
I’ve tried exporting as a gLTF from blender 2.8 but an error was spat out. (More-over, I have no idea how to use the gLTF exporter), because my scene contains path constraints.

So, i’m outta ideas. Halp

(Deuschanz) #2

Okay, so I made a full upload, but i have not published this yet. It has the same problem as the above where the scaling and global positioning is completely bonkers : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/shion-tensei-shitara-slime-5aff3d8093e347ffa384362adb223fa6

The problem that still persists is when tilting below -0 degree, the entire model refuses to render and disappears. Occasionally zooming will go hay-wire and i’ll lose track of the model, but i’ve added annotations to anchor myself back whenever i’m lost.

I’ve also tried adding the camera limits as a temporary measure to prevent people from panning below the troublesome area.

Any help from the support team on this matter will be greatly appreciated

(Nomadking) #3

No idea what’s happening, but just want to add that the disappearing only seems to happen when the animation is playing. If you change it to static pose the whole model renders, even without changing the camera angle.

Maybe that will be helpful to support figuring out the cause.

(Deuschanz) #4

Yea that is correct. It only happens when the animation is playing. Don’t know why but will need the support team for this

(Paul Sketch) #5

Thanks for the report, we’ll have a look.

The bounding box of the scene seems to have problems, making the mesh being clipped or just culled
( for animation we do special code path using bounding box )

Did you “reupload” on the same model or created a new one each time ?

(Deuschanz) #6

I have tried both solutions. The Current one you’re looking at has been re-uploaded multiple times to maintain my shader settings