Upload button does not seem to work

I am trying to upload a photogrammetry model but the button ‘Upload’ does not work. When I click it nothing happens.

Hmm, I just tried and it seems to work well here. Which browser/OS do you use? Can you try in a private window to rule out any plugins or issues with cookies?

I think it’s the work PC’s, even though I contacted IT and they said it wasn’t a problem to do with them. I tried again and could not even log in and had the message « Forbidden 303 (…)the site requires CSRF cookie when submitting forms ». I can’t see where I can change the cookie settings in the settings tab of Chrome… I might not be able to.

Thanks for your help.


Envoyé de mon iPhone

Can you check to make sure you have javascript enabled? Also, please do test in a private window and let me know if that helped.


I checked in a private window and it does not work. I think it may be something to do with my organisation’s security settings, unfortunately IT have not been particularly helpful. I have tried on my own laptop and it works fine. Thank you so much for your help.