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Upload causes pieces to be deleted and moved

(Accuracy Solutions) #1

Saved as iges. file since stp. files are not allowed. I did the conversion in Fusion 360. Once uploaded the quick detach levers (3) all open, bubble level is missing pieces, the forward grip is opened and one of the pieces of the grip rotates 180 degrees, and pieces of the scope rings are missing (2).

I have uploaded other iges. files to my account and they work great. I'm wondering if there is a simple fix for this.

Below is what the stp. file originally looks like. Below that is how sketchfab interprets it.




Sorry for the delay. Our support for IGS files is not very robust yet. I think you should be able to export FBX through the Fusion 360 / A360 cloud interface. That might work better. You could also just use STL if your file does not have colors/materials.