Upload credits bug?

Hi !
When I make an old model private, I have one less credit upload, ok …
But when I make it visible again, the credit upload does not come back …
Is this a bug, or is it normal?
Thank you !

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Do you set it FREE for downloading?
It’s because visible doesn’t make it free

No, this is not a downloadable model,
Just having it in private takes away my credit !
And putting it back in public does not add credit !

The problem is that this is not a new publication !
I don’t really understand this policy !
Thank you for your return !

And there is no mention of it in the help, that’s why I think it’s a bug,

Because you can exhaust your credits, with models already published !
Uncool !

I reproduce the issue, it’s a bug. Thanks for the report!


Thank you very much James !
Nice continuation to you !
Sketchfab powa !

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