Upload credits expire, don't carry over?

Hi, I’ve looked at a few different pages and don’t understand if upload credits roll over (or why not):

I’m not a user who’ll ever be able to upload 10-30 models monthly; sub makes no sense for me. But I’d be happy to purchase some credits for when I can, or buy one month when I need a specific feature (e.g. duplication) + keep the credits from that plan, as Will suggested. Most stock photo sites have 1-time-purchase “pack” options like this.

Example: I bought Plus in October 2020. I’ve only published 4 models since, so I’d think I have 6 credits left. Instead, I have 0 left (used 1 in April). Why?

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Credits do expire if you don’t use them within your current billing cycle. The models that you uploaded will stay in your account, but if they require paid features (like being bigger than 50MB or if they use a custom background etc, they’ll become disabled).

I hope that answers it!

Thanks for clarifying, really appreciate it!

Will your team ever consider non-expiring credit packs?

It’s not on our current roadmap, that’s all I can say…