Upload credits not resetting


This new system is really annoying for modders and the modding community. Anyways, still it should work properly. For some reason my uploadcredits are not counting up. According to the site it should reset at dec 23rd at 11:14pm. Even if it’s not according to pacific or greenwich time, this point in time should be past. Why are these credits not resetting?

Only on the 23 December did I remember that I had a model to publish but knew my credit (Nov-Dec) ran out on 22nd, but hey it still said I had one credit left until reset on 22 December so I published and it said 0 upload credits left until reset on 22 December, now the 24 December I have 0 upload credits left until the reset on Jan 22nd - so something clearly doesn’t work correctly.

It would be far simpler and cause less confusion particularly for basic users if credits all reset at 00:01 on the first day of each calendar month in whatever timezone or allow the user to set their timezone in their profile.

Yep, it doesn’t reset :frowning: having the same issue


Same here, the Date stayed on “8:25 am today” for three days, today it jumped to February 6 without publishing a model…

Sorry about that. We’re looking into this issue.

Did you all receive your credits eventually?

No, it s still saying February 6 .

I received mine yesterday :slight_smile:

I got mine eventually, but a month later, same issue.

Sorry, we’re still looking into this. I just reset the cache for your account and added some extra credits. Does it work now?

Yeah I got the credits. Hope you´ll fix it by next month. :slight_smile:

Same here… :worried:

I’m having the same problem! Had a model I’ve been waiting until today to be able to publish, but instead of resetting my upload credits it has skipped to july 12th. :frowning:


I have the same Problem again, it says, “wait until the reset 7. October”…

Sorry about that. We just reset your account and will apply a fix for this particular case in our next release.

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