Upload Error 13

Hi I am trying to upload a 3d file complete with textures and materials from keyshot, I have followed the specific instructions for keyshot on your site, but the problem persists. it is impossible for me to upload a file that is suitable for publishing and selling the 3d model.
What can i do?

Hi @ltwid3D

I had a look at your failed uploads and they failed because some ressources are missing.
glTF is a file format where the data is often spread across a .gltf AND a .bin file (which is the case of these models).

glTF exists in “embedded” version where everything is packed into a single file, but the default is 2 files and it’s very easy for forget to join the .bin file in this case :slight_smile:

You need to provide both to get a successfull upload.
You should also join the textures (if any) to get them mapped onto the materials on Sketchfab

I hope it helps :slight_smile: