Upload error in MODO 10.2

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We are a distributer of MODO in JAPAN. I found that error has occurred with MODO 10.2v2+SketchFab Exporter 2.0 when uploading. Please see a capture movie:

This problem has occurred in our and our customer account.

At 2016/07, we confirmed that we could upload with MODO 10.1v2+SketchFab Exporter 2.0 correctly.

However, I could not upload with 10.1v2 and 10.2v2 today.

Please let me know if you know how to fix this problem.


We don't have a fix yet, but we're investigating. Sorry about that!

(Tod Adkins) #4

I'm trying in 10.1 and can't get it to work. It keeps saying I need to login when I go to export, but I already have logged in.


This should be fixed in the latest version of the exporter.


(Modojapangroup) #6

I confirmed that I can upload with the latest version of the exporter in MODO 10.2v4.
Thank you so much!


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