Upload Failure on Dec 15th

(Luminux) #1

Is anyone currently having an issue uploading models? I have tried the C4D exporter as well as uploading a DAE zipped with materials directly at the Sketchfab site. Both report errors.
I am attempting to upload a model that I've uploaded before with no issue. I'm a pro member with 40 models.


Strange. Would you mind sharing the model file(s) with me? You can either host it somewhere and post a link, or email to me: support@sketchfab.com


(Luminux) #3

I've sent James the file I was trying to upload. Here's an example of the model with a different texture set that I uploaded last month.

YOK14-American Authors by luminux on Sketchfab


Thanks for sending me the file.

The problem is that your DAE file uses COLLADA v1.5, but we only support v1.4 right now. I think in C4D, you can specify export to COLLADA 1.4

Does that work? If not, you might also want to try FBX or OBJ.

(Luminux) #5

Thank you, I was using COLLADA v1.5 when I did my own export. However, I think the C4D plugin for R15 should handle this correctly.

I did more tests this morning as I thought I possibly had too many textures and many of them were .tif files. First, using the plugin for C4D R15, I was able to upload a different project. I went back to my problem upload with the reduced texture folder and no longer had any issues.
Would .tif files cause an issue?


Hmm it's possible. So converting your TIFs to PNGs, but keeping everything else the same, solved the problem? Did you see a specific error from the TIF files, or the upload just failed?