Upload from SketchUp - Colors issue

Hi everyone :smile:

I have an issue when uploading my 3D model from Sketchup: the colors (and sometime the textures - it’s random) aren’t exported and doesn’t not appear on the Sketfab model.
Here is an example: https://sketchfab.com/models/39947c2062474c75bc54244a8b3c05ef
here is another with some textures ok but not the colors: https://sketchfab.com/models/cb57a70a2cc048ae8d3dee62664a7aaf

I’m using Sketchup 2016 and the plugin Sketchup to Sketfab.com Uploader.
I have tried with all options selected or not ("color by layer, etc), it doesn’t change anything.

Any idea why it doesn’t work ? Is that coming from Skechup or from the upload?

Bonus question: how it work to upload Sketchup mdoel with png on it?

Thanks in advance for the help :smile:


Would you mind attaching or sending me a sample SketchUp file so I can take a closer look?

Thanks :smile:

Sure! Here you are :smile:

Thanks again!

Test 2.skp (274.5 KB)Test.skp (129.0 KB)

Great, thanks!

  1. I HIGHLY recommend you follow the workflow here when preparing SketchUp models for Sketchfab:

SketchUp Model Processing and Performance

This will help optimize your materials and avoid some common pitfalls of SketchUp Collada files.

  1. Some of your textures have names like “metal rough”. This is picked up by our “auto PBR” feature (i.e. Metallness, Roughness, etc.) and switches your scene from Classic to PBR. So, just switch it back to Classing in 3D Settings. This is why some of your solid colors disappeared, but they will appear in Classic mode.

  2. You need to switch the logo’s transparency format from Alpha to Luminance in this case to make your transparency work.

  1. I typically go through all the “edge_color” materials and make them 100% transparent. This will fix the visible box around your logo. However, your door frame is defined by these edge lines, so it’s really up to you how you want to handle that.

Here’s the result (with edges visible):

It’s working !!!
Thanks you some much :smile: It would have been difficult for me to find that without your help! and great to see all the Sketfab’ options.

About the optimizing of the performances, I have to do that just before the exportation right? And should I do both to uncheck the “perserve compoments hierarchy box” and the manual optimization or only one of them?

I’ll finish my model and come back on this topic if I have more texture issues.

Thanks so much again!

No problem - it’s taken me a long time to figure out SketchUp export issues :smile:

Yes, I recommend you do both before you export. However, if you’re seeing “preserve components hierarchy”, I think you’re using an older version of the plugin. We removed it in a recent update because it causes these problems.

That said, the plug-in’s developer @alexschreyer is preparing 1) a new version that improve this even more and 2) a tutorial on the best ways to make SketchUp models for Sketchfab.

Thanks again :smile:

How is that possible not to have the last version? Because I installed it from the extension warehouse so it should be up to date no?

I’ll look for the new one then :slight_smile: Any release date yet?

Also, is that possible to re-upload a model from SketchUp (on the same sketfab model - not to loose the URL)?

Thank you so much for all your help!

Hmm, looks like the Extension Warehouse version hasn’t been updated yet. My mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

No ETA yet, it’s under review by the SketchUp team. Soon!

None of the exporters have a Re-Upload feature yet, maybe in the future. It’s a bit of a tricky feature and could be dangerous as you can’t undo it.

You could manually export and re-upload though :smile:

Hi again :smile:

I have another issue: I’m trying to do a small building in wooden board but as the graphical seperation between the wooden boards is the edges, the results isn’t great…
I have no shadows to compensate that :confused:

test.skp (126.1 KB)

How I could do to have a nice looking wood model?

Bonus question: is that possible to add light source for the light bulbs in Sketchup?

Thanks a lot for the re-upload btw :smile:

@antonin_acq We just published a guest post / tutorial by @alexschreyer on the blog. It has lots of great tips for SketchUp → Sketchfab. Maybe reading through that could help?

We don’t support Lights from SketchUp at the moment, at least not in Collada/DAE format which the exporter uses. They might work when exported in FBX, but that requires SketchUp Pro and a manual upload. I haven’t tested it.