Upload issue: gaps

Hey! Hope I got to the right place. For a couple of months now, when uploading in the FBX format (also on some other formats), such a splitting has been happening. Why are there such gaps? on the model itself, of course, they are not.


Can you please share the links to the models with this issue so we can have a look?

I suspect it’s related to precision issues when we compress vertex positions during processing. This can happen in models where the total scene is very big, but there are small details compared to the bounding box size. Or, models with very big and very small polygons. Or, models that are very far away from the origin.

I can try reprocessing such models without compression for you to see if it helps. There may not be much you can do on your end, but we’ll take a look!

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Hey! Thanks for the reply! Here are the links to the model where this can be seen.


The models are made in Bender 2.79.

The models themselves are located in the center.
I tried to upload the zip folders, as a separate files and also directly exported from Blender and still got this result. I tried to re-upload the model from Blender 2.8 in the same way, but it did not help.

Here is a link to one of the models.

Added links. :slight_smile:

On one of the models ( https://skfb.ly/o7DIo ) the problem was solved by accident, re-uploaded in different formats, probably 6 times, but suddenly it worked, and there were no gaps. Very strange, what’s the matter? :thinking: (It was FBX file again)

Hmm, I wasn’t able to fix the other one. We’ll ask our 3D team to have a look next week.

Maybe you could try triangulating the quads?

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Hi! I triangulated the model and tried uploading it as a new one and it seems to help, there are no gaps. (Well, at least not so noticeable!) :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure if it was triangulation or just a fluke again… :smiley:


However, when I tried to replace (re-upload) it instead of the old model, the gaps remained.


I think it will be necessary to upload as new, and not replace …

Tho, thank you very much! :+1: