Upload more than one object

Would really found it useful to upload more then one object to a scene. Doing some drone mapping in 3D and would like to add some houses on the land area that I have scanned. If I add another object in for example meshlab or meshmixer I get wrong texture. I know that I can solve this problem in Blender with some baking in UV-mapper and stuff but its way to messy and complicated for me. I just would like to upload my 3d-scan with texture and then upload my house with texture and be able to move it to the correct spot in sketchfab. Do you fix this feuture this week? :wink:

If you’re using OBJ, we can concatenate multiple model files in the same scene if you include an empty file called “sketchfab.zbrush” with your upload.

We assume the same coordinate system for very model file, so they must be aligned correctly before uploading.


Wow! Nice “hack”!

BTW, is it possible move such objects independently in SketchFab?

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So practical, think I need more details on this…
I upload for example 2 obj-files and 2 mtl-files and 2 textures in same zip-file?
And in this package I also include a “sketchfab.zbrush”?

@pederw yes, exactly:

  • model1.obj
  • model1.mtl
  • model1.jpg
  • model2.obj
  • model2.mtl
  • model2.jpg
  • sketchfab.zbrush (attached, just unzip it. or create your own empty text file and change the extension)

sketchfab.zbrush.zip (158 Bytes)


Objects can not be manipulated independently.

Without the Viewer API anyway :slight_smile:

Any way for FBX files?
OBJ not support quads.

Not at the moment, although I suppose you could do it with a composited Timeframe with only one frame…


Thanks for the help. the blank zbrush file worked perfectly.


I uploaded the models like you listed them here, including your sketchfab.zbrush file, zipped them all together because that was the only way I was allowed to upload them, and in the 3D preview they had no textures, and all their positions was in the middle.

How can I arrange them to form a mini scene?

Is there any other way to upload multiple models? I have tried using the zipped folder with two .obj and two .mtl files along with the zbrush file and I only receive error messages when uploading.

the sketchfab.zbrush trick only works with OBJ files. It looks like you attempted it with WRL files?

I checked your upload with OBJs + MTLs, but the files are all empty except for a header comment. It looks like they were not exported from Chimera correctly.

The ZBrush thing is really just a hack to get the ZBrush Exporter working. Ideally you would combine the objects together into a single scene using other software.

Hi James, I’m trying to upload 2 files on the same viewer.

1- an OBJ fully mapped, it does work if I upload it on its own
2- an STL simple solid, no mapping, it does work if I upload it on its own

Im including the sketchfab.zbrush, although I only see the OBJ in the viewer ones uploaded.

I’d be grateful of any tips.


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