Upload not playing walk cycle animation


(Hobi3kenobi) #1

I’ve uploaded a model that I’ve rigged and went through the necessary procedures to bake the constraints, and default the export settings for my FBX files to start at frame one, and play until the walk cycle ends @ frame 24.

however, the upload just plays it as a single frame as if it were just a model.

I tweaked some settings and now all it does is play the part of the walk cycle where the body moves up and down as if he were still walking, only the cycle doesn’t play.

here are some of my settings: https://imgur.com/a/oU856Yc

and here’s the upload animation that I’m referring to:https://skfb.ly/6DsIA

any help would be awesome. Thank you!

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @hobi3kenobi,

Looking at the model, it seems that the bones that are animated are not the ones deforming the model.
Are you using a plugin or something to generate animation ?

Maybe you could try to reimport the FBX in Maya to see if you get the right animation ?
I tested on Fbx Review and importing it in 3dsMax, I get the same result.