Upload or re-Upload?


(Davidfalke) #1

Hi there,

if i reupload an updated version of a model, does it appear on the "recent uploads" ?
do my subscribers get noticed?
or would it be more smart to make a fresh upload and delete the old one?
which would be kind of bad, since i would loose all comments and likes etc .

thanks and regards.

(Skyeshark) #2

Pretty sure it doesn't. Personally I use reuploads for WIPs a lot and an automatic follower notifications would probably be annoying to people -- however, it would be nice to have an option to check when reuploading to re-notify people.

(Shaderbytes) #3

if the model is already published and you use the reupload functionality subscribers will not be notified , nor will it be displayed in the recent uploads. That would leave a facility for users to bump their models which would not be great for the website or for subscribers.

(Vlad) #4

Create Collection say something like "Reupload".
And place model to this Collection. Your followers will be notified about this.

In current SketchFab this is one of annoying features. Because your newsfeed spammed about all this "collections" events :frowning: