Upload Sketchup to sketchfab materials

(Thomas Lemorzadec56) #1

Hello to you,
I created a 3D model of a house on Sketchup. My objective is to upload on Sketchfab. But when I transfer my 3D house with the Sketchfab plugin into Sketchup. The software tells me that Sketchfab accepts only 100 materials. And when I go to see on Sketchfab my 3D model is upload but without the materials. I would like to find a quick solution to upload my 3D model.

(Tyson Gersh) #2

Try “Purge unused” in the model info window to see if it reduces your material count to below 100. If you’re still above, try finding materials that are very similar colors and combining them into one. Most models don’t need anywhere near 100 materials.

(Tyson Gersh) #3

you can also try selecting your model in Sketchup (maybe put the whole thing into a group) then edit, copy, and paste it into a new SU file. Sometimes deleted material data lags in the original file, so it’s best to start w a fresh environment.

(Tyson Gersh) #4

Were you able to solve the problem @thomas.lemorzadec56?