Uploaded 54 years ago

Hey guys, i uploaded a model of the famous portal gun of Rick Sanchez and wanted to make it free for download, but after setting up the scene and description and chose “free for download”, the button “save & publish” is inactive while saying i cant publish this model.
So i tought that this is some kind of waiting problem.
But now i saw on my smartphone within the sketchfab-app that i uploaded this model 54 years ago, so i wonder if this is a bug or not.

Greetings from a new sketchfab member and thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


just wanted to say that I found a way to publish this model anyway.

Now you can see this model in its full beauty.


Glad you were able to publish! I’m not sure what happened there.

We’re looking into the “54 years ago” issue :older_man: :see_no_evil: