Uploading a MagicaVoxel Scene - "File [ __ ] is present in the archive but seems unused"


(Yaniwang) #1

So I’m trying to upload a scene from MagicaVoxel to Sketchfab, and I’m having an issue uploading the entire scene. I’ll export my scene as an obj, and then when I’m uploading all the files to Sketchfab I get a bunch of “File [ final_landscape-0.png ] is present in the archive but seems unused” potential issue messages (21 of them, to be exact) and then when I upload anyways, it loads only the land and not the model characters (see photo and model).

When I modeled it in MagicaVoxel, I only made the land in the current project. All the other character models were made in other projects and then copied and pasted into the land project. I think this must have something to do with it - because the land is the only part that is uploaded.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Or even what the error message means? I’ve tried uploading all the files separately and also in a zip. file and neither works.

What the entire scene should look like:

What is actually uploaded:


I just replied to your support request, too. I think there should just be one OBJ for the whole scene.