Uploading a model WITHOUT texture!

Hello, I would like to upload my model without the .jpg texture file. Even if I just upload the .obj and .mtl files Sketchfab still applies the .jpg texture and it is not a good result. I wish to upload just the .obj and .mtl files so I can choose the texture after my model is online. That way I would get better results.

Please, help me!

I’m not sure, that sketchfab support something else then jpg and png format. Always You can change texture in texture manager. If You upload tga files, will automatically replace to png file. I think this operation will give you better quality

A little backwards engineering, but I used this because I was getting a model with no texture and you seem to want the opposite. This might be a good start:

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Thanks for your support, but I still can’t find the way to do it.
Sketchfab uploads automatically the texture file of my photogrammetry object, but the texture looses the original quality. I need to HAVE a WHITE model without texture so I can import from file to get better results. I’ve done it with my first upload model, now I don’t know if Sketchfab upload a update or something…


You can just remove the texture in 3D Settings:

Hello, James. That’s a great example of one of my models. In that case, I didn’t have the problem that I’m talking about.
The problem that I have looks like this:

As you can see, in the Base Color there’s no selected .jpg or texture file, but the model IS textured and the texture presents a bad quality, although the original jpg file is high quality.
I’m guessing that is a problem occured during the upload, and I changed the path of the .jpg so the PC or Sketchfab doesn’t asociated the files, but didn’t work. And I’m not uploading any .zip files, Im selecting the .mtl and .obj files directly.

Thanks for keeping up this problem!

If there’s no texture assigned, but the model appears textured, then I would assume your model has vertex color information. You can turn it off on the Scene tab in the editor:

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BINGO!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, @nomadking :blush:

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