Uploading a painted Sculptris model

(Mrjay) #1

I'm hoping someone can help me here!

I painted a sculptris model, saved it as a .obj file, and tried to upload it today to sketch fab. The problem is that the model came out as a plain white sculpt. Looking through the forum I found only one other similar post where the response was to use mesh lab.

I proceeded to install mesh lab, then opened the same file only to have it uploaded with the same plain white color. My biggest issue is the most of these programs aren't like sculptris and don't come off as user friendly, unless you have some understanding of them. Is there someone here that could guide me through the steps to get where I need to?

I should also point out that when uploading the .obj file to mesh lab, I was informed that there was an error.

(Shaderbytes) #2

your biggest issue is assuming other programs are not user friendly , actually it sounds like you dont even know how to use sculptris properly either, did you export your painted texture/s out of sculptris? I have not used sculptris in a long while but I'm pretty sure exporting the obj does not export the textures automatically, you have to manually do that.

(Nomadking) #3

I think this short video might help (@ ~50secs):

As @shaderbytes said, it looks like Sculptris needs to be told to explicitly export the texture information :slight_smile: