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Uploading blender point cloud file


(Tomer Nussbaum) #1


I have problem uploading point cloud to Sketchfab from Blender.
In most of the cases (ply, blender, stl) no vertex is being uploaded,
on wavefront files I get error #13 and it say the mtl file is wrong.

Do you have a solution for that?

Also, I wish to make points animation has any of you made it before?


(Waleguene) #2

Hi @tomer_nussbaum,

Unfortunately, we don't support point clouds .stl and .blend files.
You should be able to get it work with ply and obj format since we support it.

You first need to ensure points cloud are actually exported from Blender. If you can open it in another 3D software and get it work, I would be interested by getting the file to take a closer look :smile:


(Tomer Nussbaum) #3

Hi @waleguene,

Thank you for your quick response.
The upload works with ply but not with obj, stl and blend.

About the ply file, the problem is with Blender whom does not export vertex only data sets.
So the connection Blender - Sketchfab through files on point clouds is a bit meh.



Hi Tomer,

I'm not very familiar with point clouds in Blender, but if you send the file to (or PM on the forum), we can take a closer look.


(Mrchlblng) #5

Hey everyone,

so we actually support point clouds in OBJ but not "implicitely", you still have to define "point primitives". Here is a simple example:

s 0
o mesh_0
v 9.021 -9.021 -9.021
v 9.021 -9.021 9.021
v -9.021 -9.021 9.021
v -9.021 -9.021 -9.021
v 9.021 9.021 -9.021
v 9.0211 9.021 9.021
v -9.021 9.021 9.021
v -9.021 9.021 -9.021
vn 1 0 0
p 1
p 2
p 3
p 4
p 5//1
l 6 7
l 7 8

See the p (for point) and l (for line) definitions (where you may also define normals and uvs just as for triangles or generic polygons).
The thing is, by default, you'll probably not see the points in the viewer because we have no specific rendering for point clouds. The trick is to use the emissive channel to make the points visible.
See e.g. for the above model rendered with the following material definition:

(see how the final rendering only cares about the emissive color and not the diffuse one)

Finally, as it seems you're looking for a solution to animate your point cloud, you shouldn't look too much OBJ/PLY solutions as the formats don't handle animation. At the moment we only support FBX animation and Blender is coming (not clear wether Collada animation will be supported soon).

I'd say that maybe your best shot right now would be to try FBX morphing (if the number of particles is constant throughout the simulation)

(Jnaiman) #6

Hi all,

So, I uploaded a point cloud using a PLY file and with vertex color turned on it totally worked! But now, nothing is showing up. Has an option changed that I need to be aware of? I've been toggling things to no avail. Model here:

Thanks for any insights!


Hi @jnaiman we're investigating a bug. For now, you can make the points visible by giving them a little bit of transparency:

(Tomer Nussbaum) #8


I also cannot see my recent ply files uploads, not in Chrome, Firefox or Safari


Hi all, this issue should be solved. Is anyone still having trouble?