Uploading Cubemap Environments?


(Relafleur) #1

Hi, I have an .hdr file to use as a custom environment, but it is in 6-sided cube-map form; it’s a 6144x1024 image with six sides of the environment lined up in a row. Since it’s not in latitude-longitude format like the built-in environments, it doesn’t look right when uploaded.

So is there a way to enable uploading hdr files like the one I have? If not, does anyone know an easy way to convert it into a latitude-longitude panoramic image so I can upload it?


Hi, I’ll add your idea to our feature request tracker.

Can something like this do what you need?


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This looks like just what I need, thanks! But something seems to be wrong with the tool. I attach my image to be converted, and then nothing happens… There’s no “convert” button to be found, and I can’t find any clearer instructions on the website. Have you gotten it to work?


I didn’t try it yet. Do you have a sample cubemap I could use?

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In the meantime, if you’re a windows user with access to an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP, this might be what you need:

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Yeah you can use these. Just do the 6 separate files option. (the other options did the same thing when I tried them) I emailed the owner about this, but never heard from 'em.

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And I did try that program in the video, but it just kept crashing for me. My files are 2048, just like the guy in the video…