Uploading .dae with rig

(Fawfulthegreat64) #1

I have a rigged .dae model exported from 3DS Max, however I no longer have access to Max and Blender won’t open the file due to (apparently) broken texture paths, so I was trying to upload it here to maybe clean it up and re-download. But the rig is not kept when I upload, despite rigged models apparently being supported. Am I missing something? I’m at a loss as nothing I’ve tried has opened the file properly or been able to export it again without the broken texture paths screwing it up. And the model, when uploaded here, also displays in a waving pose for some reason, when it should be T-posed according to how it shows up in viewer programs. It also appears headless and handless when I upload it here. And it says it’s not rigged of course. Any solutions to this?


We don’t support animation or rigs in DAE/Collada format, so I’m not sure if it could be recovered on our end. Can you send the link?

Maybe you could download a new 3ds Max trial just to open and re-export the model?

I would recommend using FBX for uploading animations when possible.