Uploading fbx but animations dont upload


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hi, this is my first time uploading a animted model,I dont know what is wrong

when the upload is finished there is no animation,no play menu and things like that

dont remenber very well how the model is composed,it was one of my earliest models

it consist of various separate meshes,a robot like character where every part is a diferent mesh, it dont have skin,the movementeof the "legs" is by ik chain or something dont remenber very well,the rest is just rotations

I created a fbx with the animation baked,opened in a empty scene and it had the animation on it,so I exported this as a fbx and is the one I use to upload

but the animation dont seem to upload,the model is at the position of the frist frame

dont know if I have to add something else on this topic wich can usefull

Getting my first animation to work

Hi there,

Looks like you're not on our beta list yet. Did you sign up here?

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oops sorry I didnt know it was a beta,thought that it was a standard feature

so that means I cant upload animations at all?


Not yet, but if you sign up using that form, we'll add you to the list as soon as possible :smile:

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well my animated models are not exactly top notch,and dont especially much in animation so dont know if its necesary

my animations are in vimeo and I wanted to add animated models here that are low poly

(Ututrc) #6

I signed to that list ages ago and haven't got an invite yet. Has the invite got lost or is the waiting list many months?

(Team Panda) #7

I have also sent the request for beta. There is no conformation message !
How long do i have to wait for it?

(Bart) #8

@ututrc @team_panda sorry to hear that! I checked my info and here's your status:

@ututrc - you were added and emailed on August 26. I'll forward you the information again.

@team_panda - you signed up yesterday and will be in next week's batch. Once you're added you will receive a notification message. I will make that clearer on the forum