Uploading from Substance Painter

Hello! I’ve been trying for some time to export a helicopter from Substance Painter 6.1.2. to Sketchfab, baked the textures and exported the materials, but the uploaded materials just won’t look even similar to the Substance Painter ones. As an example, everything painted or stamped on the object disappeared and etc. What settings should I use or what’s the best thing I can do about this?

P.S. If someone has the time to explain to me a little about the exporting maps and settings, I would be extremely thankful :slight_smile:

Usually everytime you texture in substance and export it wont look the same. You have to play with the contrast of the maps to get the desired look,maybe in photoshop. Also,you can combine basecolor maps with the ao or curvature to get more stylized look.Duplicate the normal map with an overlay for a stronger effect if needed.
Personally i use ACESFilm color profile in substance that you have to put in manually,look on the internet.But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to correct some colors.