Uploading Image Textures Issues

Hey everyone!

I’ve been learning about shaders and baking in blender recently and wanted to add some texturing to a model on Sketchfab. In blender, I did a UV map and baked my shaders on to an image for each setting. For example, I would make an image and place it on my UV map, and then choose diffuse for my baking setting and then bake. I did this for diffuse, rough, and normal. When I upload my .png to Sketchfab the diffuse .png just makes my model black. Also, when I upload my normal to the Normal/Bump, it turns my model pink. Not sure if this is an issue with how I’m baking the images, or if theres an issue with the model.

Thanks for the help!

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You might also want to check in on our Discord server - Sketchfab Community

There are a lot of Blender users there and they may be able to help.