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Uploading models from blender to sketchfab?


(Dutchallians) #1

Hey, i know this post has been made serveral times, and team sketchfab has made a documentary on this aswell. I've tried to find it but i could not find what i need. Maybe my english? can someone link it if you know it or help me

I sometimes got the animation to work but then the model's normals were totally messed up, i mean that top was bottom, shading wise. It just looked realy strange, what i do is select the model and the armature and export as fbx, then upload to sketchfab. am i doing something wrong?

(Elbriga) #2

Did you try uploading directly the .blend? sketchfab supports blender animation natively now :smile:

(Shaderbytes) #3

have you validated that your normals are correct in blender? In other words have you selected to display face normals via the properties panel in blender to see what direction your normals are actually pointing? Not trying to undermine your skillset or knowledge , just trouble shooting by process of elimination.