Uploading Multiple OBJ Files for one Model

Hello, I am seeking how to upload multiple OBJ files for one model (or to even see if a feature like this exists for Sketchfab). The goal is to have a separate model that is visible on the model page but have a different model that would be downloadable. I have placed watermarks on the files I wish to be downloadable but the original texture files for the object (pre-watermarking) do not map correctly onto the watermarked object.
The easier solution would be to just find a way to remap the texture PNGs onto the new model but I do not know how to do that. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated!

If you upload your model as part of a ZIP file, the model that is displayed is the first one that Sketchfab encounters. So you can have additional model / textures in a subfolder of the ZIP that will be ignored by Sketchfab, but still be part of the download.

This will only work if people select ‘Original Format’ as the download option, as the glTF and USDZ formats are created from the processed model file and I don’t think they directly include everything from the original upload.

Alternatively, if what you’re doing is part of a Store model, there is an additional field for uploading extra models/textures with your work.


Thank you so much!

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