Uploading multiple objects to one scene

It would be great to get the option to upload multiple objects to one scene.
Just by including them in one zip file.
You could argue that you can include them in the 3D modeling tool as part of one object. But in my case, that’s not possible. I am working on a procedure for architects, to get their CAD designs into Sketchfab. I am using a lightmapping plugin for Sketchup called LightUp. It has its own built-in FBX exporter. But since LightUp doesn’t handle transparency well, I need to hide all transparent surfaces during the lightmapping process, and export these as a separate object and combine them in SketchFab.
Is there a way to do this? I read about a hack for OBJ objects but I don’t want to have to convert the FBX into an OBJ, with the risk of surfaces getting changed.
If not, please consider it for development.

This is not on our roadmap, sorry.