Uploading purchased Turbosquid models?

(Ozramos) #1

Hi guys! I really really like Sketchfab, in fact I'd like to build a startup off of it - a virtual/augmented reality presentation platform. These would be "live presentations" where a presenter can manually recenter the camera of everyone connected to the same page/Sketchfab in real time.

I'd like to use models I buy off of Turbosquid (and others). The hairy thing is that many of these sites have a clause in their Royalty Free License Agreement:

c. Open Systems. You may NOT include Stock Media Products in Creations that have the general functionality for importing and/or exporting Stock Media Products. An example of such a prohibited use is to include Stock Media Products as a starter library within a Creation that allows users to generally work with 3D models, even if the Stock Media Product itself is somehow protected and is not capable of being exported. Instead, the users of such a software application may Purchase Stock Media Products directly from the Site.

That wording feels hairy to me but I was wondering if you have ran or thought about this issue before?

For my pitch presentation, I'd like to purchase an anatomy model on Turbosquid and give a mock anatomy class as a demo. For example, I can talk about the heart and manually move my audience to the heart while letting them explore it further on their own as I talk.


(Bart) #2

Hey @ozramos,

it sounds like this is aimed specifically at applications and not at a viewer like ours, but then again this kind of language always confuses me a little. Have you considered checking this directly with Turbosquid?

(Ozramos) #3

I must have been really tired because no I didn't think to ask them, I'll ask them now and post their response. Thanks Bart!

(Ozramos) #4

Unfortunately they said no, but it's good to know!


Thank you for contacting us. The use you described (i.e., use of a 3D model in SketchFab or other WebGL-based platforms) is prohibited by the Royalty Free License. TurboSquid does not allow this use. My apologies for the inconvenience.


(Lapin) #5

ozramos, I think You can order the appropriate model to use at their own discretion. On this forum there are experts that will help you. Just enter the price and show a picture of what You want.